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  • Years:
  • 47
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  • Czech
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  • Lady
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  • English, Spanish
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Have you ever explained issues you have with your partner to your friends, only for them to think they are not worth worrying about? Or have you seen a friend start a new romance with someone you think is completely unsuitable but they seem to go from strength to strength? One measures how much importance we put onto first impressions and early s of compatibility, while the other measures how likely we are to work through problems in relationships. We might intuitively think of ourselves as more or less likely to believe in true love — but this is not something that we openly discuss with others or are conscious of when we start new relationships. Do you believe in love at first sight?


I hope one day you will get the chance to read this letter, and look back on your life before you met me.

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Whoever you are, and wherever you are, I know that fate will bring us together one day. And if we somehow have met already, I cannot wait to find out who you are. I can be impatient and quick to anger, and sometimes I crave alone time and moments of silence. I get homesick a lot and I cry very easily.

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I hope I find you, and I hope you find me. I can only imagine what you look like and feel like and what our life together will be like.

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I have no doubt in the back of my mind that everything will be great. But somehow I already know that I will fall so in love with you in the blink of an eye. I want to learn all about it one day. I want to learn about your past —your life, your family, and even your first love. I'm sorry. It hurts me knowing that this has to happen, but in the end, it will be worth it, if we are supposed to end up together. We will go through many tough things without each other, but that will make me appreciate you even more when you finally do arrive in my life, and vice-versa.

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Don't let this stop you from making your car smart. You can change the one you have using smart gadgets that transform your car into a smart car. Cars are no longer just a mode of transport, where you only worry about the engine and how beautiful its interior is.

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These days, everyone wants to make their cars smarter, those with advanced technology systems. It makes sense for several reasons. It can make your vehicle more efficient and safer when you need to drive. Also, a smart car allows you to do more things you love doing while traveling.

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For example, you may want to play your favorite music, use your favorite apps, or even get directions. And just like with anything, the more you can do with it, the more value you get from it. Here are five excellent gadgets that will help you make your car more valuable and efficient. Dashcams are cameras that you mount on the dashboard of your vehicle, typically looking out through the windshield. It is one of the best ways to keep your car and yourself safe. You can use it to capture video or take pictures.

It can help you monitor your driving habits or those of people who drive your car. You may also use them for recording road safety and other road-related incidents. If you want accessories, consider the land rover defender accessories And if you want to mount your camera outside your car buy go pro roof rack mounting brackets, You can then rotate your camera so that it takes photos from different angles and directions.

They also come with sensors that will detect and notify you of a crash that might happen.

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It also goes into an emergency protocol to help save your life. Others have speed camera alerts to notify you where speed cameras are on your route. It lets you check your speed when near the speed camera to avoid getting a speeding ticket. Roof racks are essential, especially if you plan to take road trips or carry heavy luggage. They enable you to save space inside the car. If your car comes with a factory-installed roof rack, you could upgrade it.

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Use heavy-duty crossbars or side rails to enable you to carry heavy lo. You can also install a removable roof rack on cars that come without one. You'll need universal crossbars or side rails. As they are removable, you dismount them when you don't need them.

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The advantage of universal roof racks is you can fix them on any car model and type. You will only need to buy clamps matching your car model.

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Smart Tire Safety Monitor. A flat or poorly inflated tire not only makes your car consume more fuel, but it is also a health risk as it can burst as you drive. It is also cumbersome to deflate the car after you've over-inflated it. Therefore, a smart tire monitor is what you need to avoid these problems. You can have an expert insert it onto the tire valves. They have a sensor that notifies you of the pressure and temperature of the tire.

Also, the gadget warns you if there is a problem, such as low pressure or leakage in real-time. Car Tracking and Diagnostics Adapter. To keep your vehicle running smoothly, you should know the subtle symptoms that can suggest a problem. An adapter that tracks and diagnoses will be helpful here.

Insert it into your dashboard, and it will collect information about your car.

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When your vehicle needs maintenance or oil change, an app will notify you. Moreover, it will notify you when you need to replace faulty parts. It will be possible to locate your car using the tracker, making it easy to recover if someone steals it. If your vehicle breaks down on the road and you don't know where you are, you can quickly call roide assistance.

Key Finder. It can be frustrating to lose your car key, especially when you're late for an appointment.

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You can be smart about it and avoid the hassle of searching for your lost key. Get a key finder.

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Tracking your keys can help you find them fast if you lose or misplace them. With some key finders, you can use an app to locate your keys via GPS. Others have Bluetooth capabilities, so you can find your keys using an app.

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The battery-powered finders are ideal for attaching to anything you don't want to lose. Key finders do more than make your car smart; they are also lifesavers. We all want to get a smart car, but they are expensive to get.

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You'll benefit from these modifications as some help you avoid accidents at a low price. Also, you get to enjoy the features of a smart car without buying one. As we humans face loss and grief on a daily basis, it's challenging to see the good in all the change. Here's a better perspective on how we can deal with this inevitable feeling and why it could help us grow.

What a scary meaning for such a small word. Loss comes in all shapes and sizes. Just like us. Just like human beings. A loss sends us into a spiral.

Whoever you are, i love you already.

An uncontrollable, spirling feeling you feel coming up your throat. Oftentimes, when we experience loss, we beg for the "one mores". One more hug, please. Can I have one more kiss? Just one more laugh we can share? We wish for these experiences to just happen once more as if that would ever be enough.

The reality is that even if we were privileged with one more, we would want another.

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After a year punctuated by two frustratingly short visits, I quit my job in New York and moved to Barcelona with a plan to learn the language and a prayer that when she could actually understand me, she might love me.


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