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The undated picture shows the woman, clad only in white lingerie, pressing herself against a wall as her clothes lie discarded in a heap at her feet. It was discovered among thousands of s from the personal s of the Syrian president and his wife after their passwords were smuggled out of Damascus by opposition groups.


For her second interrogation, they dragged her husband into the room—naked, wet, blindfolded.

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He looked like he had been tortured, she said, with lacerations and the marks of abuse all over his body. For female detainees of the Assad regime, three of whom spoke to The Daily Beast, it was the psychological trauma, not the physical abuse, which scars the most. Their worst memories behind bars, the painful reverberations of which resound to this day, are when their jailors played off their affection for family and close friends.

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Some Syrian torture victims have had trouble obtaining U. On the other hand, one female former detainee came to the United States to receive an award from the State Department in mid-March, only to leave prematurely and in disgust after meeting with first lady Michelle Obama and other government officials, having come to the conclusion that policymakers were not interested in intervening to stop the violence in Syria. Bayan, 41, had been a teacher with a degree in literature before she began organizing demonstrations during the early days of the Syrian revolution in She was detained in October and taken first to the notorious Military Intelligence Branch in Damascus, where tales of sexual violence were rampant among the women held there.

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In subsequent interrogations, her jailers threatened to bring her children to her if she did not cooperate. She was eventually released in March through a prisoner swap and fled to Lebanon with her three children.

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Noura Al-Jizawi, another Syrian human rights activist, was shocked with an electric rod more times than she could count during detention. The Assad regime had kidnapped Al-Jizawi on the way to a transit depot and regularly threatened to harm her family in an effort to get her to inform on her activist friends.

Syria: bashar al-assad reveals mystery near-naked woman

There were many women in detention, she said. Very old women and children.

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Sick women and pregnant women. And they are the lucky ones.

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They survived to tell the tales of their abuse. Syrian opposition representative to the U. Human Rights Watch has ly documented cases of torture and sexual abuse by Syrian military and pro-government forces on female detainees, describing electric shocks, stress positions, beatings, and rape.

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Without elaborating, he said simply that they forced him to say things that were untrue. He listed that phone call as one of the worst experiences of his detention inalong with prolonged hanging from the ceiling in a stress position and waking up chained to a bed next to a naked dead body in three separate incidents.

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Some Syrian detainees and torture victims blamed the State Department for their trouble obtaining visas to testify about their experiences in the United States, accusing the agency of not doing enough to make exceptions for torture victims. Problems with visas have scuttled events ranging from a play by Syrian women refugees that had been scheduled at Georgetown University to cross-country talks about the killing and torture in Syria.

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She had not even entertained that possibility of a rejection and had been organizing a series of events where she would bear witness to what happened to her. Despite being honored for her work with Syrian refugees, she left the United States ahead of schedule—abruptly and in disgust.

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Chourbaji had been detained by Syrian military intelligence, and her husband had been tortured and killed. But meetings with first lady Michelle Obama and State Department officials left her acutely aware that the United States was quite well informed about the violence in Syria—and had done, in her eyes, not nearly enough to stop it.

Imprisoned and tortured in syria—and then rejected by washington

More thanpeople have been killed in the conflict in Syria, according to U. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The conflict entered its fifth year on March The Daily Beast corroborated the testimony of the Syrian detainees mentioned in this story by obtaining documentation as evidence that they had been jailed by the Assad regime. Bayan was part of a publicized prisoner swap. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation.

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New York — Syrian government forces have used sexual violence to torture men, women, and boys detained during the current conflict.


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The regime knew what it was doing when it added sexual violence to its arsenal of weapons.


By Alastair Macdonald.