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Learn more. But using sex, including pornography, compulsive masturbation, or one night stands solely as vehicle for hedonistic pleasure can have consequences. The dopamine rush from the new stimulation feels nice, but with every dopamine rush comes a subsequent low. Running towards the feel good dopamine release becomes an exhaustive cycle of trying to make yourself feel better.

Sex addiction: what it’s like to be a woman living with the condition

Eventually, you need more intense forms stimulation. It made me feel pretty, loved, and powerful, so I learned that anytime I needed affection, all I had to do was sleep with someone. Whenever I felt anxious, sad, frustrated, or bored—I found a new man to fill the void. If sex is your primary mode of escaping the negative feelings in your life, here are five ways to cope and transform your relationship with sex.

Most of our dysfunctional sexual behaviors are rooted in unmet emotional needs. Learning to cope with the feelings of guilt and shame around my sexuality helped shift my ability to be truly intimate with a partner. Are you using sex to fill a void in your life? Going through a particularly stressful stretch and looking for a release?

4 ways a porn habit might disconnect you from reality

Most of us go through sex with our eyes closed, disconnected from our partner, and looking for the quickest way to achieve climax. But becoming mindful during sex—looking our partner in the eye and feeling all the different sensations in the body inspires a deeper level of intimacy and satisfaction.

For specific techniques on how to do this, read the book Passionate Marriage, which has concise exercises for achieving true intimacy. I was capable of handling whatever I felt without having to resort back to my old ways of coping. Find a therapist or a coach. Read books.

5 myths about sex addiction to stop believing, according to a former sex addict

Learn as much about yourself and your triggers so that you can nip them when they creep up. I believe that sex is meant to be explored mindfully. It can be one of our greatest joys in life. But we rob ourselves of its true gifts when we use it as a coping mechanism. By learning to be in touch, in tune, and mindful of our sexuality we are likely to reach levels of connection with ourselves and our partner we never even knew existed. Galina Singer has traversed several cultures and conflicting philosophies in search for….

When sex becomes escape. ~ brigitte theriault

Billy Manas is a poet, singer-songwriter, and truck driver. He writes about addiction, h…. Bill Rugg is a poet, writer, dreamer, and lover of life. He is passionate about self-lov…. Amy Johnson, PhDis a psychologist, coach, author, and speaker who shares a groundbreak…. Sweta Srivastava Vikram is an international speaker, best-selling author, and Ayurveda a….

Amy Palatnick has always followed her heart.

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Using sex as an escape

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Sex addicts use bodies to escape from loneliness, psychologists say

Comments Subscriber Love Editor's Pick 0. Total Ecosystem Rating 6. As human beings, we all have a need for connection. Sex is a powerful tool that can bring up our deepest needs for love and connection, our deepest fears and traumas, and our most vulnerable, raw selves.

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When I had sex for the first time at 13, I fell in love with how it made me feel. Feeling close, seen, and heard by a man awakened a beast: sex filled the need for closeness and affection that I never had with my alcoholic dad.

Sex was my 1 way to cope with the anxiety and pain of not feeling loved. Figure out your story around sexuality Most of our dysfunctional sexual behaviors are rooted in unmet emotional needs. Learn new ways to achieve true intimacy Most of us go through sex with our eyes closed, disconnected from our partner, and looking for the quickest way to achieve climax.

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Sex as an escape from reality

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When you think of a sex addict, you might think of Michael Fassbender in Shame : someone, usually a man, who has a ton of sex with a ton of people.


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Joe's a year-old father of three, who agreed to marry after he and his wife struggled with their on-again-off-again relationship for five years prior to marrying.


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